The origins of the Group and Promotion, the first activity of the Boucau Group

Michel BOUCAU has been practicing since 1963 when the SORIM Realization Company was created in Avignon (Vaucluse). The primary activity of this Company was pure promotion. She was in charge of all phases, from design to marketing, including project management and work, financial arrangements and administrative management. The operations were financed by bank rounds around real estate companies varied. The programs were mainly found in the Vaucluse.

In 1966, SAVA was created, as part of the development of the Hautes-Alpes department, encouraged by Mr. Paul Dijoud, then Mayor of Briançon and Deputy of the department. Some operations were carried out in Vallouise before Michel BOUCAU was really interested, in 1968, in the development of the future winter sports and tourist activities resort of Puy-Saint-Vincent.

Thus, were born the first operations of Puy-Saint-Vincent, at 1400 m above sea level, in the immediate vicinity of the Village (three programs for 250 homes and the first ski lifts since the quantity of these is proportional to the number of standard beds created).

In 1969, in order to satisfy the clientele of investors and manage the family or commercial heritage, the SOGEX Real Estate Management Company was created, which has built up a portfolio of around 500 homes in the Avignon sector and is launched in goods merchant and transaction operations. It has reserved its services for the Group and its investor clients.

And in 1973, a second promotion structure, BOUCAU PROMOTION, was created. She is more particularly responsible for the development of main residence programs. La Grande Motte Creation of a city – 1500 homes, 1000 m² of shops at the same time, Michel BOUCAU began to take an interest in the creation of the seaside resort of Grande-Motte in Hérault. Through the GEP Company (promoters association), created in 1972, he realised the very first operations of the station which was then only rebel dunes.

In 1973, when work began on the Grande-Pyramide, flagship monument of Grande-Motte already on the way to becoming a full-fledged town, a ZAC concession agreement was signed between Michel BOUCAU and the Syndicat Intercommunal de la Vallouise with a view to achieving a so-called integrated station, at altitude 1600.

The Puy-Saint-Vincent Development Company (SAPV) and the SARL des Remontées Mécaniques were then created. At that time, were carried out in association with banks or their subsidiaries (BHE, CGIB, SOVAC, SOCIETE GENERALE, BNP, LYONNAIS …).

Numerous operations in primary residences (1,000 dwellings) in Vaucluse, Gard and Hérault, together with the tourist activity which led to the opening of offices in Puy-Saint-Vincent and La Grande-Motte. Verra Playa Spanish seaside resort – 2000 homes, 1800 camping and caravanning places

It was also during this period that Michel BOUCAU began to diversify his activities and became particularly interested in real estate operations in Spain, fortified by his new cap as a land developer. In collaboration with François LOPEZ-ALMANSA, Architect of Spanish origin living in Montpellier (with whom Michel BOUCAU will carry out several programs at La Grande-Motte and in Avignon) as well as Jaime MONTANER, Director of the Junta de Andalucia, in charge of coastal development Andalusian, the seaside resort of Vera-Playa has been launched. The Spanish Government was then concerned to develop tourism in its country while preserving its coastline.

In 1978, Michel BOUCAU alone took over SA G.E.P., which he merged with the company BOUCAU PROMOTION, and set up in Les Angles, in the Gard. The companies SORIM and BOUCAU PROMOTION now taking stakes in Civil Real Estate Companies with which fewer banks are associated but each for higher shares.

In order to pursue its diversifications, Michel BOUCAU created in 1978 the BOUCAU INVESTISSEMENTS company, charged more particularly with investing in financial operations outside real estate or abroad. This company notably invested in the Casino de la Grande-Motte through S.C LUDICA in which Michel BOUCAU became a 50% shareholder. The BBB satisfied with the result of the participations with the companies of Michel BOUCAU wished to develop privileged relations which materialized with the creation in 1979 of the common commercial company SOLARIS which has for specificity the realization of allotments.

Operations increased rapidly until 1984 with the regular launch of large-scale programs. Then BOUCAU PROMOTION carries out one or two operations per year, of a more modest size (50 to 100 dwellings, often in successive installments) in order to offer greater flexibility of adaptation to market fluctuations. Vaquerolles A village around the golf course.

In 1987, during a competition launched for the Development of the Domaine de Vacquerolles in Nîmes, Michel BOUCAU met Jacques ARTIGUES, Promoter in Alès, also a candidate. The two groups joined forces to create with the SEERI Group and the Municipality of Nîmes a tripartite development company with a mission to develop a new district of the city around one of the first urban golf courses in France. This association was concretized by the creation of Foncière Artigues Boucau, which since this date has carried out the urbanization of the first four villages and supervised the work of the golf course and its Club House, open since 1989. In addition to its role of A developer, Foncière Artigues Boucau works on Vacquerolles in its prime quality as Developer (group of buildings, lots and individual houses, as well as the first commercial premises), but also in Lattes (Hérault).

The beginning of the 1990s was characterized for Michel BOUCAU by a desire to lighten its administrative structure, and in concrete terms to delegate the management of operations to associated operators (developer-promoter, Jacques Artigues, design-production Thierry Dugelay). Thus Michel BOUCAU joined in 1990 with Thierry DUGELAY, Architect and President of the architects movement, with which SORIM carried out two programs in Villeurbanne then one with the SARL Boucau Dugelay Promotion in Angles (Gard). Cannes La Bocca Center Bay, Offices and Apartments – 2.100 m2 of Office Space on 4 levels and 20 high standing apartments

In 2011– A new involvement in the real estate development sector Mr. Michel BOUCAU started in the real estate sector and has contributed to the emergence of many projects in this sector. In order to pursue its actions in consideration of the new ambitions and standards of this sector of activity, the latter created in 2011 the company SCCV CENTERBAY, ensuring the realization of a real estate program in Cannes La Bocca. In particular an “eco-residence” presenting all the current technical and architectural ecological criteria, this in a sector in full rehabilitation.